Rudy's     Goldwing Photo Guides and Links
Updated June 9, 2008

GL-1500 Guides

Using Small Bike Lifts (Jacking)

Removing Lower Fairing Components

Replacing Timing Belts and Tensioners

LED Side Box Conversion

LED Top Box Interior Automatic Courtesy Light

LED Side Box Interior Courtesy Light  ONLY 1 PART!

Aux Radio Input Solution for MP3 players and Other Devices (New)

Photo References

Michelin Pilot GT Tires for the GL1500

The ToolKit I Carry 1500

WallyWorld Driving Lights 1500/Other - The $15 Solution

Carb Disassembly 1500

Adding SAFE High Capacity Auxilary Power Wiring to your bike where you really need it 1500/Other  (added 1200 pix link)

Using a home-made Fork Spring Tool to manage fork assembly and disassembly 1500/Other

Ignition Switch Repair 1200/Other?

Custom Bike Paint Job  (New)  A photo journal from the paint professional that painted Rudy's 1500.


Motorcycle Bookmarks    A general hodge-podge of the sites I've accumulated for GL motorcycles. (Updated)

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