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Safe Auxillary Power Wiring, 1100 addendum     last revised February 26 , 2008

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This content was posted here was graciously provided by:  Dubswing

Here are pictures of the wiring upgrade to my 1100.

I attached closed loop wiring connectors to the 10 guage red positive wire and the 12 guage black ground wire and attached them to the
battery.  Note the harness for the battery tender.


I attached a 30 AMP, 10 guage in-line blade style fuse to the positive lead using heat shrink over the connections. 
I will use plastic conduit to cover the red positive lead later.  I left it off for now for clairty.


After installing the 30 AMP fuse close to the battery, I ran both leads to the front of the bike routing them
behind existing electrical harnesses and components for safety.


I used a 6 circuit blade style fuse block and secured it to an existing harness using plastic ties.
I could have made a bracket to attach it to the frame but will leave it like it is for now. 
Note the relay just to theright of the fuse block. 
It controls the 41/2" running lights I just installed on each side of the headlight. 
I used the top right circuit with a 20 AMP fuse for these lights.


To allow me to install more electrical components I am in the process of gathering components to do a Poorboy alternator conversion. 
I just received his crankshaft pulley, crankshaft bolt and spacer, and spacers for the radiator.
I will find a suitable alternator locally and make my own brackets since I have an 1100 and his kit is for a 1200.