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1500 Carb Shots (Take 1)      last revised March 31 , 2007

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This content was graciously contributed by, and posted here with the permission of:  Wendell
Good news! The lines found below the carbs I thought were vac lines turned out to be the float bowl drain lines.

Here are a couple of photos of work in progress. To save time, I will post the left carb & parts, the right looks about the same. Nothing horrible, but could use a good cleaning

slider rubber and rods in good condition

the carb heater unscrews from the bottom of the carb. This may be where I was getting the coolant odor. I gotta check it and the hoses. Hoses only held on with spring type clamps. I'll install good clamps.

feeder tube leading from the accelerator pump assembly to the air horn which gives you that little squirt of fuel on throttle up. This eliminates the lag created when the carb moves from the low speed to high speed circuit. Note where the screwdriver points. This tube has two small o-rings that need replaced, good idea, even if they look okay.

The tube pulls straight out. It's shown at an angle here to show where it goes.

I just disconnected the small solenoids and completely removed the vac tubes along with the carbs. This makes it alot easier to replace as opposed to changing them on the bike.

Looking down into the top of the engine where the carbs sat.

The carbs have been soaked in cleaner for about 45 minutes, then washed in a bucket of hot soap and water, rinsed out with clean water and blowed out with compressed air, making sure to hit every opening. They cleaned up very nicely. Kits are on the way, but I'm betting the needed o-rings for the air horn will need to be ordered. One big thing I almost missed. When you remove the pilot screws, there are small washers and o-rings inside. Mine did not come out with the screws, but a tiny flat blade screwdriver got them out. Those would have been lost had I not gotten them out BEFORE using the compressed air.   Removing the carbs proved to be interesting. You need to unplug the cruise control cancel switch, just follow the wire. It ends at a juction block and easily unplugs. The next step is diconnecting the throttle cables, easy enough. The carb heaters were kinda difficult until I remembered my long needle nosed pliers with a loop on the end, made a big difference! I'll post more later! Wendell

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ADDENDUM: Wendell has since added one more shot to his post thread so I included  it here. Rudy

I have the new parts installed, but now I need to get the o-rings for the accelerator feed pipe and a few small cotter pins. Maybe NAPA this morning. If they don't have them, the local Honda shop will be visited this evening. One more photo giving everyone a good idea on where to measure for the proper float setting.

ED Note:  Wendell, we got the 'where'  but not the 'what'.  It would probably be more helpful for us if when you use dial calipers to show us stuff, you included the dial in the shot as well so we know what the measurement  is. ;) Either that or tell us.  Thanks. Rudy