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Michelin Pilot GT tires for the Goldwing 1500        revised April 08, 2006

You non-US guys may think this is old hat but here in the US we are glad to see these Michies show up.  It's been a while for us.
We have a lot of good tires for the 1500 available in the US but I have high hopes that these will top the list here soon.

Vencowings comes through again and right on time as usual. 
This will become a front and rear tire guide once I get a chance to get these on.
Several folks mentioned interest in seeing them so have at it until the guides get built.

"Papa, the delivery guy left some tires for you..."

"Wow look how deep the cracks are..."

Ok guys in the house... Papa want's to play with them now.
Yep, they're definitely GT's front and rear.

Let's have a closer look at that tread..

How about the load ratings... rear first.  Looks like 855lbs @ 41psi cold to me.

Now the front...  looks like 460lbs @ 41psi cold but I'll recheck that in a bit.

Ok, one final pose...

As I mentioned, I'll write up some tire changing guides when I get around to installing these....
These ran around the middle $350's US for the pair I bought, delivered.
I have since found them for just under $275 a pair plus shipping.
That's $120 for the front and $155 rear from a web dist, in the US.
Not too bad for the best ;-)

I'm optimistic they will be worth it.  I don't ever screw around with cheap tires or brakes on a bike.